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Why has my photo been moderated?

We want Ever to be an inviting and enjoyable app, where positivity and respect flourish. To ensure the continued security and comfort of all users, we've established clear guidelines for your profile. These photo moderation rules play a crucial role in maintaining a respectful community and boosting your visibility on the app:
  • Clear presence: You must be clearly visible in every photo.
  • Solo visibility: While photos with friends are allowed, include at least one solo photo where your face is clearly visible.
  • Child photos: While adorable children are appreciated, they can't be your profile picture unless you're also present in the photo—even if it's a childhood picture of yourself.
  • Nudity and explicit content: Absolutely no nudity or explicit content is allowed.
  • Swimwear: Bikini and swimwear pictures are acceptable outdoors, like at the beach or in a pool. Indoor shots resembling underwear are not allowed.
  • Clothed photos: Respectful and clothed photos contribute to a considerate environment, so avoid posting pictures in your underwear or, for men, shirtless photos—unless at the beach.
  • Ownership and permission: Avoid uploading photos that aren’t yours or for which you lack permission to use.
  • Illegal activities: Refrain from posting photos depicting illegal activities, including drug use or abusive behavior.
  • Hunting photos: Graphic hunting photos with visible injuries or blood on animals are prohibited. Non-graphic hunting photos of certain, commonly-hunted animals are allowed.
  • Firearm images: No photos containing guns, unless the user is a military member or a law enforcement officer in uniform. Gun violence is not in line with our values, and such images have no place on our platform.

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