We believe in the power
of love to transform lives

Our journey began with a simple yet profound idea: to create a dating app that goes beyond superficial connections and focuses on what truly matters – shared values, worldviews, and life priorities. Developed in collaboration with social scientists at Anglia Ruskin University and top psychologists, Ever is more than just a platform; it’s a community dedicated to helping individuals find genuine and lasting love.

Join us in our mission to make love accessible to everyone, because at Ever, we believe that love is for everyone, forever.

Our values

For love, for everyone, forever.


Ensuring users are matched based on shared values, worldviews, and relationship boundaries.

Prioritising compatibility and harmony in relationships by aligning individuals with similar perspectives and priorities.


Commitment to openness and honesty in communication.

Providing users with clear information about how the matching algorithm works and how their data is used.


Fostering an environment of mutual respect among users.

Valuing each individual’s boundaries, preferences and perspectives within the dating experience.

Our guiding principles

Swap endless searching
for endless love.

Prioritise compatibility
  • Invest time in deeply understanding the nuances of compatibility
    factors such as values, worldviews, and relationship boundaries
    before designing solutions.
  • Ensure that all features and decisions are aligned with the goal of
    fostering meaningful connections based on compatibility.
Embrace simplicity
  • Opt for straightforward and intuitive solutions that enhance the user
    experience and align with Ever's overarching goals.
  • Say ‘no’ to complexity that may obscure the core mission of
    facilitating authentic and compatible connections.
Decide with ethical frameworks
  • Make decisions guided by ethical principles and values, considering
    the impact on users' well-being and relationships.
  • Base decisions on empirical evidence and insights derived from
    collaboration with experts in psychology and relationship dynamics.
Cultivate trust and transparency
  • Foster a culture of trust among team members and users through
    transparent communication and open collaboration.
  • Actively work to nurture and rebuild trust when it's compromised,
    ensuring that honesty and integrity are upheld throughout all
These principles serve as guiding pillars for Ever, helping us stay true to our mission of facilitating meaningful and compatible connections while upholding ethical standards and fostering trust among users.

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Ever is not just for a select few; it's for everyone seeking genuine love that lasts a lifetime. So join the app where meaningful connections thrive, and love knows no bounds. Download Ever now and embark on the journey to find your Ever person.


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Developed in collaboration with top psychologists and social scientists, Ever is more than just a platform; it's a community dedicated to helping individuals find genuine and lasting love.

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